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Our Commitment

Live Aloha, have fun, and share this beautiful island through environmentally friendly electric bicycles. We are committed to taking steps toward being a green business. Our workshop is solar powered, so your bikes first charge is directly from the sun! This is only the first step at offsetting our carbon footprint.

electric bike rental Kihei Wailea Wailea-Makena Maui e-bike rental and delivery

maui ebike sales Krank up your adrenaline but ride smart , ride an e-bike 

The Experience

Ride the most scenic routes on the island. Electric bike rental is the best way to be immersed in the raw beauty of Maui. Our easy to use electric bikes require no more experience then a regular bicycle. They are silent, effortless and lots of fun!

Maui electric bike rental and delivery

Kihei Wailea-Makena maui e-bikes for rent free delivery Krank up your adrenaline but ride smart , ride an e-bike 

Maui's first and exclusive electric bike rental delivery Established 2014

Maui's oldest and original electric bicycle rental company. We exclusively only rent e-bikes. Our mobile business delivers electric bike rentals island wide* 

Maui Electric Bike Rental in Kihei

Wailea-Makena e-bike and delivery 

Maui e-bikes Krank up your adrenaline but ride smart , ride an e-bike 

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Better yet, Give us a call now!

We love our customers, we offer complimentary bike rental delivery with a rental of two bikes or more in South Maui. 

electric bike rental and delivery Kihei Wailea Wailea-Makena Krank up your adrenaline but ride smart , ride an e-bike 

Maui Electric Bike Rental

Kihei, Hawaii

(808) 250-8447


Open today

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

More info about maui electric bike rental and delivery

Fleet of rental e-bikes on Maui

Why rent a Maui electric bike with delivery?

- Easy parking. Electric bike rentals can be parked anywhere easy. Maui e-bike front row parking! Free delivery*

- Eco friendly. E-bike rentals in Maui are green and good for the environment.

- Exercise! Rent an electric bike in Maui and get as little or as much exercise as you want.

- See the best of Maui while on an e-bike.

We deliver electric bikes straight to you,  save time and reserve your ebike rental delivery 

-Conquer the hills and trails.

E-bike rentals in Maui can help you cover the toughest terrain. 

- E-bikes are fun! Get out and enjoy some fresh maui air and sunshine on your electric bike rental in Maui. 

- Electric bike rental will allow you to keep up with your road cyclist partner! E-bike Maui vs Road Bike Maui!

- Go the distance! Our state of the art of electric bike rentals in Maui, have the longest range of the leading e-bikes on the market. Don't be fooled by exaggerated mileage claims,  and be prepared to go the distance with a e-bike from Maui electric bike rental and 

How to use Maui electric bike rental delivery service!

First time riding an electric bike? We love seeing our customers faces light up the moment they feel that electrix bike rental in Maui kick on.

Here's what to do!

Fill out the contact us form on our site. We will return your email within 24 hours. Let us know the dates you want to ride and where you'll be staying.  We'll take care of the rest. This includes pairing you up with the best electric bikes on Maui, and delivery direct to you. Our e-bikes are custom made for Maui, and utilize the latest features,  motors, batteries , and technology to keep you having fun on the Maui roads.

Contact us for recommended rides for your e-bike rental in Maui or questions. 

Book an appointment thru our site. 

We have a variety of the best e-bikes around, you can book your electric bike rental directly on our site.

Our electric bikes are different.  We are years ahead of the competition with our unique custom electric bike cruiser. These e-bikes are new, safe, clean and maintained.  Maui electric bike rental ONLY rents e-bikes, we exclusively deliver, free! We are Maui's first original electric bike only shop, forget the rest, stick with the best!

FAQ- E-bike rentals in Maui, Kihei, Wailea, Makena

What's included??

We include delivery and pickup!*

Helmet, bike lock and Map included.  Cold bottle of water. Excellent service with a smile, flexible delivery and pickup options,  early AM, no worries, after hours no problem! We deliver Maui electric bikes with service and style.

How long is a rental ?

Usually we rent our e-bikes out on a 24 hour rental period. Multi day rentals and weekly rentals are available at the best rates on Maui. We are very flexible, don't be limited by bike shop hours, We'll get you an e-bike easier and faster then any ebike rental shop in Maui.

What is the range?

Electric bike (e-bike) battery range varies!

Many companies exaggerate range, we don't! Our base models average a 20-25 mile range,  this is conservative and based on an 180lb rider, with light pedaling and low to moderate short hills. 

Our new cruisers have  a 35-45 mile range. We've also seen our bikes go 60 miles while efficiently utilizing the Pedal assist.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes! We require our customers to wear helmets. While it is not a state law to wear a helmet while riding an e-bike in Maui, we do require it for your safety!

How fast are e-bike rentals from Maui electric bike rental?

Our electric bikes comply with federal and state regulations. Basically our e-bikes can go about 20 MPH on electric only.  With pedaling,  you e-bike can exceed that speed!

What size e-bike?

We carry a variety of Maui electric bike rentals and cruisers to fit most riders. Our e-bike seats are comfy, and height is adjustable.  We can accommodate nearly everyone.

What brand of e-bikes do you carry?

We carry a variety of electric bikes her on Maui. This include Volton electric bicycles. Juiced e-bikes, Velec electric bikes. We also custom design and import our very own brand of electric bikes.

We utilize the latest tech in e-bikes, low maintenance, high torque hub motors. 500 to 750 watt.

48v lithium ion battery systems with high range 11AH to 17.5AH, torque sensing pedal assist, disc brakes,  digital LCD displays, ebike thorn resistant tires and More.....

Any other questions about e-bike rentals and delivery? Feel free to email or call maui electric bike rental anytime for more  info and to book your e-bike rental and delivery.

Mahalo and Aloha!